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Spray painting started as a hobby but then after a few years we saw that it could be developed into something much more.

Ace Spray Works officially started in 2015 with small projects like canvas and bedroom walls. We have progressed from then painting massive office blocks and warehouse walls although we still hold the same excitement for every project.

Our work ethic stems from making a client’s visual idea come true and seeing their reaction to transforming their home or business!

The Ace of spades represents a leaf of the “cosmic” tree, and thus life. Always digging for the next opportunity and Motorhead.

About the paint . . .

We use solvent-based aerosol paint. This is very  longer lasting and durable.

The graffiti scene started in New York in the 1970’s then made its way across Europe. This allowed the quality of paint to improve and lead to longer lasting and more colourful pieces.

At Ace we take full advantage of the latest paint formulas. Instead of using traditional brushes and acrylic paint at ace we use Montana Black which is manufactured in Germany. It is a high pressure nitro combination based formula, unscented aerosol paint made to the highest quality complete with health and environmental standards. It is also 100% winter proof, and reliable in extremely cold conditions, especially in Northern Ireland.